Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boobie Baboon

Paramount sold their cartoon lineup to Harvey Comics in the late 1950s. No longer having the rights to Casper, Baby Huey, Herman, Katnip and others they needed to create a new line of characters to star in their cartoons as the 1960s rolled by.

Only, it didn't happen that way. They did countless one-shot cartoons with different characters, all created with the hopes of becoming Paramount's next cartoon star, but none of them stuck. There were recurrers such as The Cat, Swifty & Shorty, Honey Halfwitch, and Goodie the Gremlin (a Casper-expy), but none of them made any impact.

One of the characters they tried was Boobie Baboon, who managed to appear in two cartoons (both 1965) under the creative supervision of Howard Post. Oddly enough, both cartoons involve prisons (in one he's trying to get in, in another he's trying to get out). I wonder what other ideas they had in store had the character continued to appear in more cartoons.

You can judge for yourself. Here are the two shorts. That sounds like Bob McFadden doing all the voices in Solitary Refinement, but in The Outside Dope it sounds like Eddie Lawrence is the voice of Boobie. (See edit below) Can anyone speculate?

EDIT: According to Mike Kazaleh, Howard Post never used Eddie Lawrence in his cartoons. The voices are Bradley Bolke and Bob McFadden

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Yowp said...

Thanks for the info, Charles. I was under the impression the Phil Kramer-like voice in the Paramount cartoons was Lawrence. I didn't realise it was Bolke, who I thought was pretty well restricted to that fat Ghostly Trio ghost in the early '60s.