Friday, July 22, 2011

Jack Kinney

For years I've only been familiar with Jack Kinney through the god-awful Popeye cartoons he did for King Features in 1960s. What I didn't realize was that he worked as a director at Disney's, working on shorts. I now actually consider him to be one of my favorite animation directors; the Goofy cartoons he did were laugh out loud funny.

This is a good example. I love how it just escalates as the cartoon progresses, complete with what I consider to be one of the wildest cartoon endings I've ever seen. There's also many inside references to Disney staff (click here for a list). It makes me wonder if Al Bertino and Norm Ferguson had real-life animosity.

Here's another short from Kinney. This is also notable because it was co-written by Virgil Partch. VIP was a print cartoonist who appeared in Playboy and other magazines. He also had a few syndicated strips, most notably Big George. VIP worked at Disney for few years but found himself out after the strike. This was his only screen credit.


J Lee said...

The problem in part with the Kinney Popeye cartoons is they did more of them than anyone else (even the Paramount staff) and after the first handful were produced, it was pretty obvious the staff of ex-Disney and UPAers simply got bored with the assignment. Much of the staff put far more effort, and with far better results, into The Alvin Show, which ran on CBS prime-time during the 1961-62 season, as the last of the KFS Popeyes were hitting the assembly line.

Brubaker said...

Yeah, that was probably the problem there. Not to mention, having to produce one-hundred 5 minute cartoons within a year can be grueling.