Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sir Blur

One of the characters Shamus Culhane tried when he took over Paramount Cartoon Studios was Sir Blur, a nearsighted knight voiced by Allen Swift.

While I unabashedly love most of the Paramount entries from Culhane, I consider Sir Blur shorts to be the weakest of the bunch. The character was essentially Mr. Magoo that takes place in the medieval time period and the jokes can get old fast. Oh well, not all can be gems.

The character managed to appear in four cartoons before being retired. Below are all the films:

A Wedding Knight (Paramount, 1966) by WackyJacky

The Blacksheep Blacksmith (Paramount, 1967) by WackyJacky

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J Lee said...

Reading Culhane's biography and the story of how he trashed Paramount's recent cartoon work when he took over the studio, there's a certain irony in the fact that the Magoo rip-off was the first thing to come off the new assembly line (albeit with the recent NBC-TV show, the syndicated cartoons and the ongoing GE Soft-White light bulb ads, Magoo was still a hot property in mid-1966). Fortunately his other cartoons were some of the most interesting ones turned out by any studio in the 1960s.