Monday, August 8, 2011

Keep the Cool, Baby (1967)

This was the final cartoon to come out of Shamus Culhane's reign at Paramount, and it went out with a style.

The voice acting (done by Joe Silver and Allen Swift) is great and gives the cartoon a great feel. The designs, while incredibly minimalist, is brilliantly animated by Nick Tafuri and Doug Crane (Crane especially did some great animation in this short). All this under the direction of Chuck Harriton, who I consider to be one of the underrated greats in animation.


Chris Sig said...

One of my firm favourites from the studio of this era - in spite of the odd title, the spider is a fantastic character. I'd love to work out who animated which scene/s.

Thanks ever so kindly for putting this back online =)

Dave Mackey said...

This was co-written by Ruth Kneitel, the widow of Seymour Kneitel, as well as Max Fleischer's daughter.

rodineisilveira said...

Ruth Kneitel is also the Richard Fleischer's sister.
Richard Fleischer directed several movies, mainly adventure and action movies. Among them, Mr. Majesztyk (1974, with Charles Bronson) and Conan The Destroyer (1984, with Arnold Schwarzenegger).