Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini-Squirts (1967)

It's a shame that Ralph Bakshi's reign at Paramount Cartoon Studios (formerly Famous Studios) was extremely short-lived. The very few cartoons he did showed promise, a great extension to what the previous producer/director Shamus Culhane had done at the studio.

One of the cartoons that managed to escape through the cracks during his short stay was Mini-Squirts (1967), which shows two kids (a boy and a girl) playing house, only to take the roles of husband and wife in a movie/soap-opera fashion, complete with organ music and overly-dramatic dialogues.

View the cartoon below. Thanks to Jerry Beck for the copy.


Mr. Semaj said...

A melodramatic version of Peanuts?

The "Fractured Fables" took on an entirely different meaning under Bakshi's reign.

Anonymous said...

I liked the dog. For me, he stole the show.