Saturday, August 6, 2011

REPOST: A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn (1967)

I had a poor-quality video capture up, but I got a cleaner video copy from Jerry Beck so I'm reposting it.

This was the last thing Howard Beckerman worked on at the Culhane-helmed Paramount Cartoon Studios. He wrote it, co-designed, and also did some animation on it (Beckerman said that he left the studio before the cartoon was even completed).

The director was Chuck Harriton and he shows promise here. While the designs and animation are simple there are few quirks I love about it, including how Hard Hat (the big guy) goes insane with the flower and starts pummeling it. The broader drawing and the timing made that scene work. I always notice those quirks in cartoons animated by Doug Crane and Nick Tafuri (they always seemed to be paired together in Culhane cartoons)

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