Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Astroboy was made

Fans of old-school anime will enjoy this. It's a short documentary Mushi Production put together that shows how Astroboy was made. It's in Japanese but there are English subtitles.

It's fun to see how Japanese studios make cartoons vs. how American studios does. It was a standard back then in Japan for the director to do the storyboards themselves; it still is today, although due to heavy workload there are also separate people doing the boards under the eyes of the director.

And then there's the voices. If you wondered why lip-sync is often wonky in Japanese cartoons, it's because voices are done AFTER the animation has been inked and painted and photographed. In America the voices are done first, which are then broken down onto timing sheets and given to the animator to animate the mouths with.

Although I believe at Max Fleischer's studio the voices were done after the animation was completed. Can anyone verify that?


Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

I can. The Fleischers had used that method for most of their work up to when they made the move to Florida to do Gulliver's Travels and had to start pre-recording the voices instead of doing it in post.

top cat james said...

I think I recall reading in "Of Mice and Magic" that Terrytoons were post-synced also.