Friday, November 11, 2011

Monkey Love (1995)

I thought I dreamed of this cartoon, but as it turned out it exists. It's a short film directed by Jim Keeshen from 1995. Cartoon Network later aired it on late nights around 1997-98. I don't know why CN picked it up; they were never that big on independent animation (they aired Don Hertzfeldt's "Rejected" on Adult Swim once, but that's the only other instance that I can think of)

But anyway, I think the short holds up. I love the bouncy animation to it, and the rhythm to the music. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube here's the cartoon:

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Anonymous said...

Amazing cartoon! Never knew that CN once aired independent animation way back when...

Anyway, can you ever do a post on Joe Horne's MTV serial "The Specialists"?

Turns out there were several animation veterans on that show--- Bob Bransford, Chris Jenkyns, Walt Peregoy, and even Richard Williams!