Monday, December 19, 2011

Goku's Big Adventure - Episode 4

Ah, glad to see this again.

One of the lesser known Osamu Tezuka series was "Goku's Big Adventure", which took over Astroboy's timeslot after that show got cancelled. It only lasted 39 episodes, but the show has charm. It was unusual from Tezuka in that it was very gag-driven, where nothing was taken seriously.

Possibly the most craziest was episode 4, which was directed by the late Osamu Dezaki. It was up on YouTube with English subs few years ago, but it got removed. However someone recently uploaded the entire series dubbed in Italy. It'll do for now, I guess.

Here you go.

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Ben said...

That was my sub. Pissed they took it down... One of my favorite episodes of anything ever. There are about three or four other episodes in the show that are just about as good as this. Not quite, but close.