Sunday, April 8, 2012


Just want to repost my film "Fishing" on this blog. Took it down temporarily so I could submit to an animation website.

As I said before, I drew this on paper and shot it on 16mm film.


Matthew Koh said...

Do you have an idea on how to put sound into film?

Brubaker said...

I do. I may add sounds to this film, but for now I'm working on other stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles, is that your new account is MisterBigAnimation since your first two accounts terminated for false flagging from Adam Snyder which he don't own the rights to the videos. And then, I found this from YouTube Jump Out! Bacchiri and here's a link. "" and favorite this video. And the another anime is "Phantom Theft Pride" can you find some episodes in the original Japanese version and black & white as well the English dub and color too. Sincerely Chad Edwards