Friday, April 27, 2012

Gene Hattree

After The Beagles Total Television tried to sell other shows. They produced several pilots but none of them got picked up. Two of those pilots, Gene Hattree and Cauliflower Cabby, were later added into syndication as part of Underdog so they didn't go totally unseen.

TTV's shows rely on formula to go with their stories. If this was to be picked up, one could guess how the other episodes would have went (crime happens in the western town, Gene Hattree goes off to catch them while Rabbit Foot tries to prove himself that he's a crimefighter, but fails).

The music cues are reused from TTV's other shows; you can even hear a guitar version of the Tennessee Tuxedo theme song in some scenes.

Voices by Sandy Becker (Gene), Jackson Beck (Tortilla Fats), and Herb Duncan (Rabbit Foot).

Thanks to Mike Kazaleh for additional info.

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