Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocko's Modern Life comics

As underrated as the show was, Rocko's Modern Life managed to get a healthy dose of merchandising during its run on Nickelodeon. Among those licensed products was a seven-issue comic book put out by Marvel in 1994.

Comics based on animated properties are hit-or-miss. The Mickey Mouse comics by Floyd Gottfredson were arguably superior to the animated films produced by Disney, and the Ren & Stimpy comics that Marvel also put out had stylish artwork courtesy of Mike Kazalah. On the other hand, you have, well, this. Granted, when the Rocko comics began season 1 was in reruns, with season 2 not starting for few more months.

Still, you get the feeling that the writer (John Lewandowski, who wrote all but one Rocko comics) only had a vague understanding of the show. The art varied depending on the artist, but often times it can get gooey. It would've benefited more if someone like Kazalah handled the art chores. According to Joe Murray he redrew some of the pages. You can't blame him, the way the characters were drawn sometimes.

This is one of the better ones. The drawings are fairly decent (except for the creepy Heffer in page 8), and I could imagine this story being used in the TV show. It's from Issue #1, June 1994.


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love Reading the Rockos Modern Life comics.