Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocko's Modern Life Season 3

Do we need the cheese at all?
Shout! Factory recently put out Rocko's Modern Life season 3 on DVD. This is when the show was at its peak, with most of the best episodes from this point in run.

Of course, the one episode everyone remembers the most is Wacky Delly, a hilarious take on the TV animation industry. Everything about it is great, from Ralph's attempts at sabotaging the show to Rocko and the gang trying to make the cartoon, and of course the cartoon itself.

The best character on the show.
There are other great episodes here, too. Schnit-Heads takes on religious cults by featuring Heffer joining an organization that worships sausage. Nothing to Sneeze At features Mrs. Bighead accidentally gaining a nose, only to discover that her husband stinks. I See London, I See France has an insane tour guide go after Rocko and Heffer after they leave the tour in Paris. Bye, Bye Birdie has Rocko petsitting Filbert's bird, only to be killed thanks to Heffer sitting on him. Finally, all this is capped off by Fatal Contraptions, an unusual episode in that there is no dialogue at all except for the announcer in the beginning.

I'm glad we actually have most of the shows out on DVD. There's only one more season to go before every episode is out.

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