Tuesday, October 23, 2012

REVIEW: Roger Langridge's Snarked!

The other day I reviewed a Garfield comic book. In the back there was a plug for Snarked!, a comic book that KaBoom! was also putting out. The art style looked interesting, so I decided to buy the first issue from TFAW.com and check it out.

Snarked! is a comic book by Roger Langridge that ran for only a year (2011-2012). Using Lewis Carroll as a jumping point, the comic stars Princess Scarlett and her baby brother Rusty going on a search for their father, King Russell, who has been missing at sea for over 6 months. The Princess is crowned as a successor, although she is hoping that he'll come back. As it stands, a Cheshire Cat shows up, saying that he can help her find her father, with the assistance of a Walrus and a Carpenter.

I'm honestly impressed. This is one of the best comic books I've ever read (keep in mind I don't read many, but still). The artwork is fantastic; the characters are drawn with great flare, with varying shapes to distinguish them. I also have to give credit to the colorist Rachelle Rosenberg. She really did a great job, especially with the outlines. Most of the characters are black outline, but depending on the scene she would vary it up.

And this is only from the first issue, but the story is told well. We understand the characters and their motivation, and the action moves smoothly. I'm wanting to see more of this comic.

Alas, all-ages comic don't get much respect these days (if comic books even get any, especially in today's market), and this comic went by, obscure, before ending after just one year. Shame, because we need more comics like this.

Fortunately, though, trade paperbacks are available. Two books came out, with the third (and last) coming out in 2013. If you prefer, individual comic books can be bought at TFAW.com

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