Friday, February 15, 2013

More "Pyun Pyun Maru"

Thanks for the feedback on my "Koko" pitch. I'm still working on it as we speak.

In the meantime, here are some more episodes of Pyun Pyun Maru (1967). I just got the second DVD in the mail and watched it all day yesterday. My general overview is that the show is really, really hilarious, and that it's a shame it was so short-lived.

Here are two more episodes:

Episode #7 (Original Broadcast: August 14, 1967)

Written and Directed by Yugo Serikawa (for story credit, credited as "Minoru Hamada" psuedonym)
Animation Director: Shinya Takahashi

Episode #8 (Original Broadcast: August 21, 1967)

Written by Enrico Trizoni (joint psuedonym of Hisashi Inoue and Morihisa Yamamoto)
Directed by Tokushige Shirane
Animation Director" Akinori Namase

Hisashi Inoue is a famous Japanese screenwriter and playwright known for writing satirical and humorous stories. Working on "Pyun Pyun Maru" was, in a way, a stepping stone for bigger things (similar to how alot of TV writers began their career by writing on Saturday Morning cartoons)

Unlike those Sat. AM examples, though, Inoue's satirical style is evident in his animation story. "Pyun Pyun Maru" is a very comical show with a hint of social satire, so Inoue was very much at home when he was writing on this show (he and Yamamoto wrote three episodes of this show).

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