Thursday, March 21, 2013

Death in children's animations

I showed my cartoon script to numerous people, including those involved in animation. I've gotten many feedback; comments varied depending on the person, but I made necessary changes based on what people have said.

Here's a section, storyboarded above, that got a reaction from a person who were involved in television animation. He told me that networks would find it horrifying if a children's cartoon featured a scene where two kids are actually in danger of being murdered due to them being potential witnesses for a crime.

There are no consistent policy on what's OK in children's animation. I'll concede that this scene is pretty iffy for, say, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, although even then that show has done references to death, as well as featuring scenes where the characters' lives are in danger. Over at Disney, their latest hit Gravity Falls have featured numerous references to death; one episode featured an evil child psychic trying to murder one of the main characters, while another had sentient wax statues trying to decapitate an old man. Cartoon Network's Regular Show has done episodes where characters are shown dying on-screen. And I know Adventure Time have featured dark moments.

I don't know where my cartoon fits in. It's aimed for family audience, which includes kids, but the entire premise relies on poachers shooting guns, with two kids doing all they can to avoid being shot. It's things like this that makes me think that it's best suited if the cartoon is produced independently.

That's my thought. Stay tuned for more update on my cartoon. This is probably my most important project going on at the moment. Hopefully I can see to it that it gets made.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Welcome to the iffy world of censorship!

Matthew Koh said...

Or you could just pitch it to Cartoon Hangover.

Brubaker said...

Cartoon Hangover wasn't interested, alas.