Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Done...

Well, it took two weeks, but I'm done. I finished my storyboard for the "Koko" pilot. It came out exactly 100 pages. What a number to finish on. what?

I wrote the cartoon as a 30 minute pilot, but the running time could change depending on what I'm gonna keep and what I'm gonna take out. But since I'm wrote the pilot with the intent of releasing it as a stand-alone short, I don't have to conform to the TV running time format for this one cartoon.

Money is a big thing. I'm hoping to employ a small crew to help me out on this. A Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is coming up in few weeks...months?

But I have to promote the thing first. My next stage is to make shorts with the character in order to gain interest on the project. They're not long, about 1 minute each. Hopefully they can go around on the internet.

So there's alot more work to be done. Any suggestions can be emailed to me. Still, there's this satisfaction that I finished the storyboards.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Charles! You've certainly turned out a 30 minute storyboard quickly! I hope it won't take you as long to realize the completed production as it took me on "There Must Be Some Other Cat". The best of luck on what should be a very funny TV cartoon.
Mark Kausler

Brubaker said...

Thanks, Mark. You're a pal!