Monday, April 29, 2013

FoxTrot: Mother's Visit part 1/6

"FoxTrot" was always gag-a-day, but when Bill Amend did actual stories, he really, really shined.

Here's a good example, from December 1997, where Andy deals with the resentment she holds with her mother. Andy was always a flat character, but for once Bill actually explored her character, showing us why she's like who she is. I scanned all the strips for you to read, in case you missed it. It's in the very end of "Camp FoxTrot" book, if you want to have it in paper.

While FoxTrot had the usual problems most daily comics have, I regard it as one of the best-written family strip to ever run in newspapers.

From today until this Saturday, I'm posting the aforementioned story in a batch of three strips. Hope you enjoy.

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