Friday, April 5, 2013

Koko animation test

Here's an animation test for Koko. My attempt is to animate this as a throwback to 1960s television cartoon (from both USA and Japan).

I used grease pencil to draw the character. That Kyle Carrozza's voice as Koko, although I raised the pitch digitally to make her sound girly.


Matthew Koh said...

Are you okay if it had limited animation?

Brubaker said...


Anonymous said...

Nice start, Charles. Why do the drawings tremble when you shoot the poses with the mouth drawings? Are the drawings on a good sturdy copy stand? Is your video camera on a tripod that's weighted? Your drawings are very funny; I would like to see just one "slo out" inbetween drawing working with each pose. In other words, the inbetween should be favoring the pose it's coming out of. This would just give a slightly smoother effect, and maybe help to join the differing sizes and proportions in your Koko poses. Mark Kausler

Brubaker said...

Yeah, the camera stumbled when I took the pictures.

Thanks for the comments!