Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Osomatsu Kun" by Fujio Akatsuka

I just discovered that somebody is translating Fujio Akatsuka's comic Osomatsu Kun into English.

Akatsuka is a pioneer of "gag manga", a gag-based Japanese comic. After some minor cartooning work, he struck it big when Osomatsu Kun debuted in Shonen Sunday in 1963. It was later turned into anime (first in 1966, then later in 1988). The comic featured identical sextuplets and their comical mishaps.

Akatsuka went on to create more gag mangas, his most famous being Tensai Bakabon (The Idiot Genius). If I have to name a Japanese equivalent of Milt Gross, it's him.

Start reading here.

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