Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Story Idea: No Foolin' Around This April

I've written up several story ideas for Koko. Thought I share some of them on this blog in the next few days.

Here's one I wrote on April Fools. This is a 10-minute story. It's below the cut

No Fooling Around This April
It's April Fools Day and everyone is pranking each-other over at the Enchanted City...all except Sorcery, Potions, and All That Good Stuff. Tofu absolutely hates this day, and Koko and Jodo are doing everything everything possible to avoid pranking him, remembering what happened the last time they played a joke on him (it's never explained what he did, but from the siblings' reactions, it wasn't pretty).

That said, though, Tofu more or less shut down business for the day, not wanting to deal with the craziness, so Koko and Jodo have free time to themselves. They go downtown and play tricks on each-other, having fun time. They soon join up with Marl after she pranks the two. Marl is excited beyond relief, proclaiming that April Fools is her “favorite holiday” (Koko's explanation that it's not a holiday falls into her deaf ears).

Marl declares that she's gonna prank everyone in the Enchanted City. Koko and Jodo join her, wanting to have fun. She does everything: watering down a witch's beer, causing her to melt (her pile of goo joins in the laughter once she discovers what happened), replacing a wizard's magic wand with a conductor's baton, causing music to play whenever he waves it, and replacing a ghost's white sheet with bright, checkered pattern look. They do things like this throughout the town.

The day is nearing end, and three have a good laugh. Koko says that it's time to go home, but Marl declares that there's still one person that she hasn't pranked: Tofu. Koko and Jodo are horrified and try to talk Marl out of it, but by then she has left. Koko and Jodo rush back home, only to discover that Marl has set up her first prank: she coated an apple with Enchanted Death Pepper, the most powerful pepper in the world; Koko notes that only two people have survived after consuming large quantities of it. Tofu grabbed it and is about to eat it, but Koko takes it, saying that she claimed this apple yesterday (Koko hastily writes her name on the apple behind her back). Tofu retorts that she doesn't look hungry. Koko, reluctantly, eats the “apple” in front of her boss. After Tofu walks away, Koko rushes to the water cooler nearby and drinks the entire content (“I guess I'm the third person to survive this.”)

Jodo looks around the house and sees that Marl has sawed a hole on the floor and covered it with a floor rug, which will cause Tofu to fall to the basement. Jodo sees Tofu walking to the direction of the hole. Just before he steps on the carpet, Jodo rushes down to the basement, grabs a step ladder, and places his hands over where the hole is. Tofu notices a shift in the floor, and even jumps on it a few time, giving Jodo trouble (“He's smaller than me. Why is he so heavy!?”), but he shrugs, saying the floor board's not level. Just as Tofu leaves, Jodo loses balance on the ladder and falls down to the floor, with the ladder landing on him.

Finally, Marl plants a live porcupine on Tofu's chair at his office. Koko see that Tofu is about to sit on it. Before he could, however, she sit down on the chair, with a strained smile on her face When Tofu questions why she's sitting on his chair, Koko makes up a bullshit explanation that she always wanted to sit on it, saying it looks so comfortable. Tofu buys the explanation, and since it's a day off anyway, she can sit on it as long as they don't make any mess in his office. As soon as he leaves, Koko jumps up in pain, porcupine needles stuck to her butt. The live porcupine walks up and leaves, telling the poor sorceress that she may need to get her rear checked at the doctor's.

Marl is about to leave another trap around the house, but Koko (now with bandages on her rear) convinces her that it's time to leave; she shows her the clock, noting that it's now midnight, and April Fools is now over. Marl is disappointed that she never got to play a prank on Tofu, but she cheerfully declares “Oh well”, saying that there's still next year. She leaves, and Koko breathes a sigh of relief. Jodo comes up (also with bandages from his earlier fall), saying that he can't believe she lied to her best friend as he corrects the time on the clock so that it reads 9 o'clock. Koko says that she considers this an April Fools prank to Marl, and that it's alright.

That said, the two are happy that they avoided an incident with their boss and walk into the door, only to have a bucket of cold water drop on Koko. They see Tofu laughing at them, saying “April Fools!” As the cat continues to laugh, Koko can only glare at him. The sorceress says to her brother: “Next year, we'll let Marl do whatever she wants with him.” Jodo can only nod in agreement.

©2013 Charles Brubaker

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