Monday, April 15, 2013

Story Idea: Truth is Delicious

A somewhat dark Koko story. Read below the cut.

The cartoon begins with Tofu having a meeting with a government official. He says that the CIA, tired of getting bad press from the torture scandal, is hoping that Tofu's company develop a truth serum of some sort that the suspect can take, so that they know the person is telling the truth without having to resort to extreme measures. Knowing that there's huge money involved, Tofu readily accepts. However, the government official says that there's a catch: it has to be something that anyone can take willingly without force. Something tasty. Unbeknownst to them, however, two recurring villains Sam and Pally overhears their discussion, spying from a crawlspace above the ceiling. Sam is planning to steal whatever they come up with, intending to trick important officials into obtaining secrets so he can bribe them.

The scene then cuts to Koko brainstorming for an idea, having just received the order from her boss. Koko knows how to make a truth serum, but she's having trouble coming up with a way to make it tasty. According to her, truth serum is very foul tasting and quite literally hard to swallow. She asks Jodo if he has any ideas. Jodo wasn't listening, however, being busy eating a chocolate bar that he just bought. This gives Koko an idea. Within few hours, Koko has created a batch of Truth Chocolate: a tasty chocolate bar that's laced with truth serum. But she needs to test it out first, so she goes to her brother and asks him what he thinks of her. Jodo says that he thinks Koko is a wonderful sister and a good person. She then gives Jodo a small piece of Truth Chocolate (without telling him what it is), which he promptly eats, saying it's tasty. She asks him again what he thinks of her. This time, Jodo says that he wishes Koko wasn't so agitated all the time, and that she should stop being uptight most of the time. Jodo, realizing what he just said, covers his mouth in shock. While Koko is visibly peeved, she easily forgives him because it means the Truth Chocolate worked.

She goes back to her lab, planning to give the formula for the Truth Chocolate to her boss, but upon reaching her table, she discovers that the paper has gone missing; Sam and Pally has stolen it, planning to create their own batch of Truth Chocolate. Tofu is furious when Koko tells him what happened. Tofu states that if this gets out to the CIA, all three of them will be executed for treason. Frightened out of their wits, Koko and Jodo tries to figure out how they can get the formula back before tomorrow morning. Koko remembers that she already made a batch of Truth Chocolate. Her plan is to go around town, give a piece to a bunch of people, and ask if they have the formula. The siblings grab all the chocolates and they fly off into the city.

Sam and Pally have successfully created their own batch of Truth Chocolate. For first stop, they go to a local bank, which claims to have a State-of-the-Art security system. Sam gives the bank clerk a chocolate bar, which he then proceeds to eat. He then asks what the pass-code for the security system is. The bank clerk says there's no pass-code; the security system is all just a show to scare away criminals, and that the building doesn't really have one. He then covers his mouth, realizing what he just said. Sam says they won't tell anyone about the truth if he gives him all the money. The bank clerk reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Koko and Jodo are giving out free chocolate samples to everyone they come across. After giving them a piece, they ask if they have the formula. So far, everyone they asked says no. Nonetheless, they are not giving up. While this is going on, we see Sam bribing King Wizard after he gets him to confess that he's been cheating on his wife with a cute witch working at his castle. Pally asks Sam if he has done enough, but he says no. There's one final target that he's going to try to pull off: the CIA.

Koko and Jodo are sitting at the park bench, dejected. They are down to one last piece of chocolate, with no lead whatsoever. Jodo breaks down, crying, saying he doesn't want to be executed. Koko tries to calm him down, but she ultimately joins him, the two crying on each-others shoulders. Koko, teary-eyed, tells Jodo that they're going to have to accept that they're going to die tomorrow. She then says that she has no regrets and that she's glad she got to spend her final moments together. Jodo, tearfully, replies affirmative, and says that, despite what he said earlier, he think that she is, indeed, the best sister he could ever have, “and that's the truth!” as he cries some more.

While this is happening, the bank teller from earlier walks by, asking the two what's the matter. Having decided to accept their fate, Koko offers the man the last piece of chocolate. However, the man says no, saying that the last person who gave him chocolate just gave him trouble, having said what he shouldn't have said at the bank. This immediately gets both Koko and Jodo's attention. Koko asks him who gave him that chocolate, and the teller gives them a description of what the two villains looked like. Both siblings immediately realize that it was Sam and Pally who took the formula. Now determined, the two fly off.

Koko is using her tracking spell to locate Sam and Pally. This leads them to the CIA building, in which Sam and Pally are outside the door to the very same government official that Tofu talked to earlier in the episode. Sam is planning to give chocolate to him, pretending to be a salesman. Before he could knock on the door, however, Koko and Jodo both crash into the building, crashing into the bad guys. All four fight to get the formula back. While scratched, Koko and Jodo have successfully beat up Sam and Pally and they managed to extract the formula from them. Just as they get it back, the government official opens the door to check on the commotion he heard. Koko, upon seeing him, hands the formula over to the person. He is very happy, and says he's going to give good words to their boss.

Back at the office, Tofu is congratulating Koko for a job well done. He says he knew she would succeed. Eating a chocolate that was on the table, he then blurts out that he can now cancel the early morning plane tickets to Switzerland that he was planning to go, intending to abandon Koko and Jodo to their deaths should they fail to get the formula back. Tofu covers his mouth, realizing that he just ate some Truth Chocolate. The cartoon ends with Tofu trying, but failing, to reassure angry Koko and Jodo. The cartoon irises out on the three characters before going to black.

©2013 Charles Brubaker

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