Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Baby

Patrick McDonnell is best known for his daily strip Mutts, which runs in over 500 newspapers thru King Features Syndicate.

Before starting Mutts, however, he did a monthly strip for Parents magazine called Bad Baby, which ran from 1984 to at least around 1997.

The local university's library has a bound copy of a bunch of magazines, Parents being one of them.. I xeroxed some of the Bad Baby strips here.

Unfortunately, these are all in black and white; they were originally printed as is from Patrick's watercolor, so you're not seeing everything here.


Kid Shay said...

I wonder if that last strip is a sly reference to The Family Circus.

Thanks for sharing these.

Dave Mackey said...

Patrick McDonnell also designed the second version of the New Jersey "Animal Friendly" license plate, using the Mutts characters.