Saturday, June 30, 2007

News Free Comics

There's a new publication in the work where it's basically a comics section that doesn't come with newspapers. It's called "News Free Comics" and it needs your help.

So far, only 50 people bothered to subscribe, even though the website is widely visited. So if you love to see a lesser known comic get attention, or just love comics in general, please visit and subscribe.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Howie Schneider

One of the comic strip greats, Howie Schneider, passed away yesterday. He was 77.

Comic strip afficandos know Howie for his "Eek & Meek" comic strip, which ran from 9/5/1965 to 3/25/2000 in over 500 newspapers. It was syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA). The notable aspect of the strip was that in early 1980s, the cartoonist changed the species of the characters from mice to humans. Their personalities, however, stayed the same.

In addition to "Eek & Meek," Howie also drew "The Circus of P.T. Bimbo," which ran in mid to late 1970s. Due to complaints from the estate of P.T. Barnum, the strip's title was changed to "Bimbo's Circus" some time later.

After ending "Eek & Meek," he became an editorial cartoonist for Provincetown Banner. He then created a strip called "The Sunshine Club," which began in 2003. One of the strip's character, Uncle Bunty, was a minor character in "Eek & Meek" toward the end of the run. I emailed Howie about this once and he said "I had used the character once a week in E&M and I fell in love with him. He opened doors for me to all kinds of new material so I gave him his own strip."

Below are the first week (minus strip #1, which I could not find in the archives) and the final two weeks of "Eek & Meek."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome welcome

Well, I have a blog now! So does...about 1 septillion others in this world.

So let me introduce myself.

I was born in Nov. 1989 in Japan. I was into cartoons since day 1, at least. Because I lived in Japan, I was primarily exposed to anime. Then one day, my folks moved to Tennessee for about a year and a half and while there, I discovered American comics and cartoons. I became hooked yada yada yada and now I want to be a cartoonist.

Technically, my first published cartoon was with a high-school newsletter, but my first, "official" publication was in late 2006 when a small Tennessee paper ran my comic panel. This deal lasted less than 6 months, but I was too psyched to care that this could've lasted longer if I didn't screw up.

I'll be off to college hopefully by the beginning of 2008. And you can bet your ass I'll have cartoons run in the student paper. Well, I'll post whenever I can.