Monday, June 29, 2009

16mm Cartoons

This is a list of cartoons I have on 16mm. None of them are for sale/trade and if I ever decide to sell any of them I will say so on the front page.

I also have a want list, which can be accessed here.

Last updated February 5, 2013.

  • $6.95 Bionic Shark (1976 - Misterjaw)
  • Ants in the Pantry (1970 - The Ant and the Aardvark)
  • Apache on the County Seat (1973 - Hoot Kloot)
  • The Badge and the Beautiful (1974 - Hoot Kloot)
  • Bomb Voyage (1967 - The Inspector)
  • Cirrhosis of the Louvre (1966 - The Inspector)
  • A Dopey Hacienda (1970 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Dune Bug (1969 - The Ant and the Aardvark)
  • The Egg and Ay-Yi-Yi! (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Fowl Play (1973 - The Blue Racer) 35MM
  • The Froggy Froggy Duo (1970 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Go For Croak (1969 - Tijuana Toads)
  • The Great Continental Overland Cross-Country Race (1971 - Roland and Rattfink)
  • The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation (1965 - The Inspector)
  • Haunting Dog (1975 - The Dogfather)
  • Hop and Chop (1970 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Kloot's Kounty (1973 - Hoot Kloot)
  • A Leap in the Deep (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Medicur (1976 - The Dogfather)
  • Mud Squad (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Never on Thirsty (1970 - Tijuana Toads)
  • A Pair of Greenbacks (1969 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Pay Your Buffalo Bill (1973 - Hoot Kloot)
  • Pink on the Cob (1969 - Pink Panther)
  • The Pique Poquette of Paris (1966 - The Inspector)
  • Reaux Reaux Reaux Your Boat (1966 - The Inspector)
  • Robin Goodhood (1970 - Roland and Rattfink)
  • Saltwater Tuffy (1975 - The Dogfather)
  • Science Friction (1970 - The Ant and the Aardvark)
  • Scratch a Tiger (1970 - The Ant and the Aardvark)
  • Serape Happy (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • The Shoe Must Go On (1973 - Hoot Kloot)
  • Snake in the Gracias (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Ten Miles to the Gallop (1973 - Hoot Kloot)
  • Two Jumps and a Chump (1971 - Tijuana Toads)
  • Unsafe and Seine (1966 - The Inspector)
  • Clobber's Ballet Ache (1959 - Clint Clobber)
  • Dustcap Doormat (1958 - John Doormat)
  • Foofle's Picnic (1960 - Foofle)
  • Gaston is Here (1957 - Gaston Le Crayon)
  • Messed Up Movie Makers (1966 - Heckle & Jeckle)
  • Old Mother Clobber (1958 - Clint Clobber)
  • Sick Sick Sidney (1958 - Sidney)
  • Sidney's Family Tree (1958 - Sidney)
  • Signed, Sealed, and Clobbered (1958 - Clint Clobber)
  • Springtime for Clobber (1957 - Clint Clobber)
Paramount Cartoons
  • Alter Egotist (1967 - Honey Halfwitch)
  • A Bridge Grows In Brooklyn (1967 - GoGo Toon)
  • Clean Sweep (1967 - Honey Halfwitch)
  • Forget Me Nuts (1967 - Merry Maker)
  • A Friend in Tweed (1964 - Swifty & Shorty)
  • Giddy Gadgets (1962 - Modern Madcap)
  • High But Not Dry (1967 - Honey Halfwitch)
  • Hip Hip Ole (1964 - Swifty & Shorty)
  • Home Sweet Nudnik (1965 - Nudnik)
  • I Want My Mummy (1966 - Modern Madcap)
  • Les Boys (1965 - Swifty & Shorty)
  • Op, Pop, Wham, and Bop (1966 - Noveltoon)
  • Tally Hokum (1965 - Noveltoon)
  • The Plumber (1967 - GoGo Toon)
  • The Squaw-Path (1967 - GoGo Toon)
  • Throne for a Loss (1966 - Honey Halfwitch)
  • Top Cat (1960 - The Cat)
National Film Board of Canada
  • Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety (1986 - Les Drew)
  • George and Rosemary (1987 - Alison Snowden & David Fine)
AR&T Animation
  • It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House (1979)
  • Louis James Hates School (1980)
  • Snookles (1986 - Juliet Stroud)
International Rocketship Limited
  • Lupo the Butcher (1985 - Danny Antonucci)
Ed Graham Productions
  • Funny is Funny (1966 - Brutus and Brownie)
Air Programs International
  • To Be a Knight (1966 - Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table)

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Pink Panther

    Here's a neat find, a 1969 newspaper article on Pink Panther's Saturday Morning debut (Toledo Blade). An interesting insight on what was left of theatrical cartoons.

    (yes, they kept misspelling Friz Freleng's name)

    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Do the Bartman

    Didn't know that the King of Pop was a producer of this Simpsons video ('tho he didn't recieve screen credit). Pretty cool, actually.

    That was sudden...

    Just to keep this blog cartoon related, here's the opening to the animated series.

    Space Goose

    To prove that something good can happen in Flash sometimes, here's a pretty funny piece of animation that I've found on YouTube: Space Goose, animated by Aaron Long.

    Some funny hand-drawn animation here. Hope there will be more episodes.

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Sunday comic books for sale

    Remember when I posted samples of Norwich Bulletin Sunday Comic Books? Well, I've decided to part with them.

    I have about 70 of them. If you want any of them, they're $1 each, plus $3 shipping (add $1 for each additional books you want to buy).

    OR, you can buy ALL 70-something of them for only $40 (shipping included)!

    The earliest is March 29, 1981 (which is vol. 1, no. 1) and the latest I can find is dated August 29, 1982, which is vol. 2, no. 35. I'm probably missing an issue or two here and there.

    Let me know if interested and again, there are still comic strip books for sale. I'll slash the price in half if you buy any of them before July 1st.

    Condition varies from issue to issue. The color registrations are WAY off in alot of these, but what do you expect from newspaper inserts?

    Just sold out all of them.

    A Doonesbury Special

    Doonesbury was actually animated once back in the late '70s in a NBC special produced by John and Faith Hubley. Somehow it got nominated for Oscar, although it didn't win (probably because, again, this was made for TV).

    Recently the special was uploaded on YouTube. Here it is in 3 parts.

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Pixar's Up

    Finally saw "Up" yesterday.

    Great movie blah blah blah.

    You know the drill...

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    The last Looney Tunes ever made.

    Everything has to come to an end someday. "Looney Tunes" was no exception. After 39 years of embracing the big screen across America, it finally ended in 1969. The last short was called "Injun Trouble" and it didn't star Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Speedy, or any of those guys. It featured Cool Cat, a later LT character who only starred in a handful of shorts.

    This short was never televised (in America, at least) due to the Native American stereotypes. Soooo, here's a time-coded version, the only one you'll ever see in your life. Enjoy!

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Update on strip collections...

    Just a notice that all the B.C. and Wizard of Id books has been sold. Other books are still available

    In addition, here are additional books available for sale, including one more "Wizard of Id" book that I suddenly discovered that I still had:

    The Wizard of Id: Help Stamp Out Grapes (creases on cover but still readable) - $1
    Luann: Curves Ahead (AUTOGRAPHED by creator Greg Evans) - $10
    One Nation, Under Surveillance: Editorial Cartoons by Signe Wilkinson - $3
    FoxTrot: Take Us To Your Mall - $5

    Again, price doesn't include shipping. Let me know if you're interested.

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Flapjack and the differing styles

    In most animated cartoons today, artists are expected to be "on model". They have strict guidelines on how characters should be drawn and what expressions they can and cannot be allowed. It's been a standard for many decades now.

    Sometimes, however, there would be shows where artists are allowed to add in a little "personal touch" in order to enchant a gag. One of those shows is The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

    Flapjack is a heavily storyboarded show and each episode don't look alike, depending on who is doing the boards. I actually managed to identify some of the styles the show has.


    Pen Ward is probably the most recognizable of the Flapjack writers. His drawings are among the loosest of the show's artists, and often times have a very cute & creepy look. Also, K'Nuckles' nose is literally inbetween his eyes.


    Kent is also the show's head writer. His designs tend to be more "on model" compared to other writer-artists. His Bubbie is probably the closest to being drawn "correct". In addition, the rings under K'Nuckles' and Bubbie's eyes are heavier.


    Alex is often paired with Pen Ward, and the difference in style is like night and day. Often times his Flapjack has a somewhat "anime" look.


    Patrick's drawings tend to be loose, with odd shapes on the characters.

    These are just the starters. There are other writer-artists in Flapjack with unique styles. I'll post more of those soon, hopefully.

    EDIT: That's Patrick McHale's, not Somvilay's. See comments.

    Comic strip books for sale

    Over the years I've amassed a massive amount of comic strip books. It has gotten to the point that I need more storage room. So, for the first time ever, I've decided to sell most of my collection to a new, better home. Here's what's available so far.

    Price doesn't include shipping. Email me for that.

    $1 EACH (quality varies; please email me for specific information)
    B.C.: Loneliness is Rotting on a Bookrack SOLD
    B.C. Strikes Back (unabridged version) SOLD
    B.C.: Life is a Seventy-Five Cent Paperback SOLD
    B.C.: The Second and Third Letters of the Alphabet Revisited SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Abra Cadaver! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Ala Ka Zot! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Charge! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Every Man is Innocent Until Proven Broke SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Frammin at the Jim-Jam Frippin in the Krotz! (2 copies) SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: I'm Off to See the Wizard SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: The King is a Fink! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Let There be Reign SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Long Live the King! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: The Peasants Are Revolting! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Remember the Golden Rule! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: There's a Fly in My Swill! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This! SOLD
    The Wizard of Id: Yield SOLD
    The Wondrous Wizard of Id SOLD

    $5 EACH (all decent quality)
    Agnes: I'm Far Too Young to Look This Hot
    Best Editorial Cartoon of the Year - 2007 Edition
    Bloom County: Classics of Western Literature
    Dilbert: When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View
    Bush Leaguers: Cartoonists Take on the White House (a catalog released by AAEC in 2008; now out of print)
    Get Fuzzy: Blueprint for Disaster
    Get Fuzzy: Groovitude
    Gone with the Kudzu
    The Far Side Gallery #1
    Killed Cartoons (a book of rejected editorial cartoons)
    The Koky Dailies (a collection of Koky comic strip from 1979-1981)
    Mallard Fillmore SOLD
    Mutts: Cats and Dogs
    Our Mutts
    Overboard: Abandon Ship!
    Sherman's Lagoon: Greatest Hits and Near Misses, 1991-2001 (crease in cover but otherwise GOOD)
    Zits: Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Man!

    $10 EACH
    The Best of Mutts (HARDCOVER) (GREAT quality)
    The New Yorker 75th Anniversary Cartoon Collection (HARDCOVER) (some tears in book jacket, but otherwise OK)
    Peanuts: A Golden Celebration (HARDCOVER) (some tears in book jacket, but otherwise OK)
    Tundra: The Comic Strip Mother Nature Warned You About (GOOD quality)


    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    The Dogfather

    Anyone who has read a book about animation probably knows that short cartoons made for theaters started to die off in the mid-fifties, with studios being shut down left and right as everything was being moved to television.

    Well, believe it or not, even with the business failing theatrical cartoons were still being produced into the seventies. DePatie-Freleng was the last studio to make those cartoons, with Pink Panther, Ant and the Aardvark, and so forth.

    The last of the theatrical series was "The Dogfather", which was actually very lame. Most of the stories were remakes of a superior Warner Bros. cartoons that Freleng made (the ones with Rocky and Mugsy), and the animation was no different than was was on Saturday Morning television (even with the limited animation DFE was using on their theatricals, they were still usually better than the quality in their NBC shows).

    There was one bright spot, however: the opening titles. They were designed by a DFE staffer Art Leonardi, who also designed titles for other DFE cartoons, such as "The Ant and the Aardvark" and "Hoot Kloot". Unfortunately the only Dogfather clips I have on my computer is a poor-quality Portuguese dubbing, but here are the screenshots of the titles:

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Another cel

    Here's another "Mother Goose and Grimm" cel I got sometime back.

    (White spots in the cel are just reflections from the camera)

    The animation drawing. The character was inked directly on paper (except for the glasses and the hair, which is on pencil), then xeroxed onto cel.

    Does he seem familiar? You should, because this is in fact a cel of the Boogie Man, which I linked to a few weeks back. Here's a screengrab from the episode that features this cel. The mouth was on a separate cel (in the animation paper the mouth is drawn in blue pencil)