Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Rocko's Modern Life comic

Here's one from Rocko's Modern Life #2 (July 1994). Another story that could possibly work in the show.

When this came out it hasn't been established yet that Ed Bighead's boss is Mr. Dupette (he only made one appearance in season 1 as Rocko's boss). So here a white elephant named Donald Frump serves as Ed's boss.

Also note that his fridge has a different sign. In the show it reads "Chill Out", but int he comic it's Fridge-O-Dare.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocko's Modern Life comics

As underrated as the show was, Rocko's Modern Life managed to get a healthy dose of merchandising during its run on Nickelodeon. Among those licensed products was a seven-issue comic book put out by Marvel in 1994.

Comics based on animated properties are hit-or-miss. The Mickey Mouse comics by Floyd Gottfredson were arguably superior to the animated films produced by Disney, and the Ren & Stimpy comics that Marvel also put out had stylish artwork courtesy of Mike Kazalah. On the other hand, you have, well, this. Granted, when the Rocko comics began season 1 was in reruns, with season 2 not starting for few more months.

Still, you get the feeling that the writer (John Lewandowski, who wrote all but one Rocko comics) only had a vague understanding of the show. The art varied depending on the artist, but often times it can get gooey. It would've benefited more if someone like Kazalah handled the art chores. According to Joe Murray he redrew some of the pages. You can't blame him, the way the characters were drawn sometimes.

This is one of the better ones. The drawings are fairly decent (except for the creepy Heffer in page 8), and I could imagine this story being used in the TV show. It's from Issue #1, June 1994.


Printer's proof!

Just got the printer's proof for the comic book. Looks like it's underway! Some screenshots

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Katrina

Today marks the start of a new Katrina storyline. This also begins a new update schedule for the comic. Rather than one full-page posted three times-a-week, I'm going to post half-page of comic five times-a-week (Monday to Friday).

So be sure to read the comic every weekday. The new storyline, The Speakeasy Potion, will run from today to August 24, so it's exactly one month.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Comic Book

This September I'm starting a Witch Named Katrina comic book. Here's a cover for the first issue (obviously the printed version will name title and all that)

If there's a comic book store near where you live, leave me an email.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Animation Mistakes

Since there are tumblrs dedicated to animation smears, out-of-context animations, etc., I decided to give this a shot. So I created a tumblr dedicated to spotting animation mistakes. Check it out here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Self-publishing a comic book

My "drawing table", which is actually an old desk with a light-box. Still drawing ahead with my comic, which is, right now, two months ahead of deadline.

I'm planning to self-publish a comic book, collecting the cartoons after enough ran online. It's really so I can get more traffic to the website.

I'm planning to make them available through the site, too, of course. Expect them to be released in September. And don't forget to read my comic.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocko's Modern Life Season 3

Do we need the cheese at all?
Shout! Factory recently put out Rocko's Modern Life season 3 on DVD. This is when the show was at its peak, with most of the best episodes from this point in run.

Of course, the one episode everyone remembers the most is Wacky Delly, a hilarious take on the TV animation industry. Everything about it is great, from Ralph's attempts at sabotaging the show to Rocko and the gang trying to make the cartoon, and of course the cartoon itself.

The best character on the show.
There are other great episodes here, too. Schnit-Heads takes on religious cults by featuring Heffer joining an organization that worships sausage. Nothing to Sneeze At features Mrs. Bighead accidentally gaining a nose, only to discover that her husband stinks. I See London, I See France has an insane tour guide go after Rocko and Heffer after they leave the tour in Paris. Bye, Bye Birdie has Rocko petsitting Filbert's bird, only to be killed thanks to Heffer sitting on him. Finally, all this is capped off by Fatal Contraptions, an unusual episode in that there is no dialogue at all except for the announcer in the beginning.

I'm glad we actually have most of the shows out on DVD. There's only one more season to go before every episode is out.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Political cartoons.

I used to draw editorial cartoons regularly in 2008, but quit. Because political satire is not my calling, and that I never made any money so it just wasn't worth it.

Sometimes if I think of something I might draw something for fun. Last week, after the ruling on the so-called "Obamacare" I decided to draw this. I liked it enough to show it to the local paper and they agreed to run for it (with pay!). It won't be a regular thing, but if I think up something I'll draw it and show it to the paper.