Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gamin and Patches

Gamin and Patches was the last of the 9 or so comic strips created (or co-created) by Mort "Addison" Walker during his career. "Gamin" was also the only one that wasn't syndicated by King Features; it was syndicated by United Features instead. It only ran from 1987-1988.


dddegg said...

Enjoyed seeing these samples.
I can't find the reference anymore but supposedly this strip was all (gags, writing, art) by Mort Walker, not a part of The Walker Studio effort. His assistant Bill Janocha did the lettering, coloring, erasing, etc., but the actual comic was all Mort.
Liked the fourth sample where Mort gives a nod to his Saturday Evening Post character, and proto-Beetle Bailey, Spider.

rodineisilveira said...

This was the only comic strip that Mort Walker made, which wasn't distributed by King Features.