Saturday, March 28, 2009


I love the digital media and all, but there's something neat about 16mm film. Occasionally I like to collect cartoons on film.

I recently recieved another addition to my very tiny collection: Springtime for Clobber. It's a 50 year old film print, but the color is bright and beautiful, due to the Technicolor processing. I can only imagine that it looks great when projected (my film projector's in Japan at this point, although it's being packed for shipping).

Anyone here likes to collect films? Or other weird stuff?


Craig D said...

Oh, yeah.

I started collecting 16mm films back in August of 1979. I used to make it a point of buying 12 cartoons a month because I'd have a film parties and always wanted to run about an hours worth of "new" cartoons for each one.

Chris Sobieniak said...

For me, it was by pure chance of seeing discarded 16mm educational prints in a dumpster of a high school I went to just caddy-corners from home during my junior year! Somehow that fueled the obsession to bring those prints on over to my house, and through a friend of my older brother's (who later took his own life in a sad way), I was able to land a projector to run 'em on, even loaned prints from the public library when I had the time for it!

I usually don't buy much in the way of regular cartoons on 16mm, often opting or more obscure, indie and foreign-produced animation as I can get them, as well as some TV commercials and other interesting things that pop up.

Though more anime-related, I have some 16mm episodes of Dragon Ball I picked up last year, as well as prints of classic Toei Doga flicks like Panda & The Magic Serpent (oddly subtitled), The Little Norse Prince (hardly anyone seems to have an English version out at all, but mine is) and a Cinemascope print of "The World of Hans Christian Andersen". Most of these sadly are in the usual pink-o-vision Eastman color, but I guess there was no way around storing these proper from the previous guys before I got a hold of 'em.

I've also obtained a lot of interesting cartoons I remember seeing a lot time ago on cable channels like Nick during a program called "Pinwheel", which used to show a lot of European stuff you can't seen anymore domestically outside finding it on YouTube today. I never realized how much I appreciated Eastern European animation thanks to having been exposed to that at an early age!

I recently bought an interesting print from a eBayer of a Czech-produced cartoon from 1960, a rather amusing take on the classic Red Riding Hood tale with a wolf swallowing up Red, Granny, a lawn gnome and a radio!

Anonymous said...

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