Friday, June 12, 2009

Flapjack and the differing styles

In most animated cartoons today, artists are expected to be "on model". They have strict guidelines on how characters should be drawn and what expressions they can and cannot be allowed. It's been a standard for many decades now.

Sometimes, however, there would be shows where artists are allowed to add in a little "personal touch" in order to enchant a gag. One of those shows is The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

Flapjack is a heavily storyboarded show and each episode don't look alike, depending on who is doing the boards. I actually managed to identify some of the styles the show has.


Pen Ward is probably the most recognizable of the Flapjack writers. His drawings are among the loosest of the show's artists, and often times have a very cute & creepy look. Also, K'Nuckles' nose is literally inbetween his eyes.


Kent is also the show's head writer. His designs tend to be more "on model" compared to other writer-artists. His Bubbie is probably the closest to being drawn "correct". In addition, the rings under K'Nuckles' and Bubbie's eyes are heavier.


Alex is often paired with Pen Ward, and the difference in style is like night and day. Often times his Flapjack has a somewhat "anime" look.


Patrick's drawings tend to be loose, with odd shapes on the characters.

These are just the starters. There are other writer-artists in Flapjack with unique styles. I'll post more of those soon, hopefully.

EDIT: That's Patrick McHale's, not Somvilay's. See comments.


Sean said...

wow, this is great! good detective work! Though I think some of the drawings you picked for Somvilay might actually be Pat McHale's. Now, on to the other artists!

Brubaker said...

Thanks for commenting!

Regarding some of Somvilay's actually being Pat McHale's, could be! I'll admit that I had to guess some of them by comparing styles to other episodes the person was credited in.

JG said...

Those are definitely pat mchale drawings. You nailed all the other guys though.

Brubaker said...

Thanks, JG!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense that even when drawing a basic character theres still diffrences in styles Nice call. Im wondering how did you know like which style went with which artist?

Clarity said...

Interesting, I wonder if this is something that one can view online or on TV? I'm a Director and always looking for new artists for various collabs. Thanks for the info.