Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conchy part 1 of 4

The local library down here has archives of The Nashville Tennessean in the form of microfilms. It only goes back to 1974 but already I found some goodies. Among those is Conchy by James Childress.

I've already talked about the strip many times on this blog, but the Tennessean archive was important to me in particular, because they actually published the strip from start to finish. I was able to find the final strips through their microfilms.

I randomly had 16 strips scanned (including the last strip). I will post four per day on this blog until this Sunday. These are all from the final year, 1976-77. One thing I found interesting was that the titular character didn't appear much. In fact, of the sixteen strips Conchy only appears in one. He doesn't even appear in the last strip (which, in all honesty, was just another strip that happened to be published last).

Anyway, here are the first batch.

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