Saturday, February 13, 2010

JACK AND TYLER by Mark Tonra

Some of you may be familiar with Mark Tonra. He did a strip called "Top of the World", and after that, "James". However, before those two, he had one really short lived strip called "Jack and Tyler".

Jack and Tyler was syndicated by King Features and ran for only a few months (from September 18, 1995 to May 5, 1996). I managed to find some strips through the Deseret News archive.

My plan is to post some strips for the next few days. Enjoy!


Allan Holtz said...

According to my notes I have it in the Deseret News until 5/18; started there 2/19. Was I too bleary-eyed?

Brubaker said...

I got the dates from the comments Cole Johnson left on your site. (He said the dailies ended April 28, 1996, with the Sunday ending a week later). I did find some J&T strips running in Deseret News in May, but they could be reruns (the copyright line is too blurry for me to read).